From the desk of the Founder Chairman -  

What does it take to change the lives of thousands of people in need of financial aid for building houses, marriages, higher education, good health etc.? Heroism or money alone isn't enough. It takes courage, initiative and transformation.

This Charitable Trust was formed in the intention that thousands of needy people will get help. Our focus is mainly on –

  • Donating kidney dialysis machines for government hospitals which will help the financially backward community to avail the dialysis treatment.
  • Providing scholarships to students from financially weaker sector of the society.
  • Providing financial support to the needy in the construction of houses and marriages.

To ensure that the impact of our charity lasts well, we have partnered with the government and also are keen on associations with other Philanthropic associations with similar agenda in course. By reaching across these sectors, we believe we can transform our society who is in need of support.

Our dream is to support many ambitious social changes and be a catalyst for various innovative ideas to support the economically weaker sector.

I hope you will spend some time exploring through our website and will be inspired to help the helpless, reach out to the needy and give hope to the downtrodden.


Dr. K. P. Hussain
Founder Chairman
Dr. K. P. Hussain Charitable Trust