Dialysis Unit Program

Dr. K. P. Hussain has taken the initiative and under his leadership decided to donate dialysis machines to districts Government Hospitals in Kerala with the support of Chief Minister and Health Minister, Kerala State, whereby dialysis facility would be available free of cost to all needy people who are suffering from renal failure. Dr. K. P. Hussain is forming an NGO to look after and make sure the needy people are benefited. He also ensured health management Institutions to arrange kidney failure awareness campaign every month throughout Kerala.

Dr. K. P. Hussain Charitable Trust calls attention to the prevention of kidney disease and the importance of Dialysis treatment in association with Government of Kerala  State Health Department, by donating Dialysis Machines to Government District Hospitals in Kerala.

  • In addition to supporting cure for kidney diseases, the trust will be a valuable resource in the community for information about kidney diseases and its treatment, diet and rehabilitation. The Trust will have local affiliates throughout the state that offer a wide variety of programs and services for patients who have kidney diseases.
  • The Trust has a goal to donate and establish 5 Dialysis units each in 14 Government District Hospitals in the state of Kerala in association with the State Government.
  • Trust will authorize service representative to each district Hospital.
  • Promote Health awareness and Preventive care measures to the public.
  • To further improve the knowledge and understanding of chronic kidney diseases, Dr. K. P. Hussain Charitable Trust offers continuing health education activities and medical camps that are accredited for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dietitians, social workers, and dialysis technicians on an array of topics in varied formats for the beneficiaries.
  • In future, Trust will provide free dialysis kits to poor patients who seek dialysis service at Dr. K. P. Hussain Charitable Trust.